OSC Eindhoven Initiatives

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Open Science Community Eindhoven initiatives are:

  • Designed by and for community members, with the goal to bring together community members with similar interest or goals to dive deeper/learn more about a certain are of open science
  • Open to participation from all OSC Eindhoven members

All OSC Eindhoven members can propose or start a new initiative. Likewise, existing TU Eindhoven communities can become an initiative of Open Science Community Eindhoven. The advantages of being an OSC Eindhoven initiative are:

  • Having a big, diverse network of like-minded people to reach out to, encouraging otherwise unlikely collaborations
  • Access to an online infrastructure to build upon - you don’t need to build a website or social media account from scratch to start
  • Benefit from the collective existing knowledge of the community members and community managers
  • Assistance with event organisation and community management, e.g. running mailing lists

If you would like to start a new initiative or bring your community into OSC Eindhoven, please use our idea sandbox to propose and discuss the idea, or email our community coordinator.

Data champions

  • Are you practising or advocating for good research data management?
  • Would you like to share your data management tips and tricks in your group/department?
  • Would you like to get rewarded for that?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the above, consider joining OSC Eindhoven and becoming a data champion!

What do data champions do?

  • Advocate for research data management and sharing at the department/group/section - data champions help spread the word about the latest developments and opportunities regarding data/code, and establish good data practices within their groups and/or departments
  • Inform policy, service and training development - data champions work closely with faculty data stewards and help design and offer input and feedback for data policies, workflows, tools and training
  • Speak to others about their experience with data management during departmental and section presentations and training events- data champions are considered local experts on data-related issues.
  • Network with other data champions from different faculties and departments through participating in bi-annual meetings for all TU Eindhoven’s Data Champions

Data champions rewards

  • Build new networks and collaborations - data champions have reached out through the network to find new collaborations for projects and gran applications
  • Recognition by faculty management - faculty management and staff recognise and value the input and expertise from data champions in data-related initiatives
  • Upskilling opportunities - for example, data champions can hone their communication skills through presenting to a large, diverse audience
  • Close working relationships with faculty data stewards, faculty support staff and staff from the university corporate offices, e.g. Library, ICT,

Become a data champion

Join OSC Eindhoven - in the onboarding email, you will be given the option to sign up to become a data champion.

Who are data champions?

Eindhoven Open Hardware

Eindhoven Open Hardware is a bottom-up community of students, researchers, university staff and alumni at TU Eindhoven, started in September 2019. We believe that open source software and hardware are game changers in education, research and sustainability. This is why we work on open source hardware projects and run events where we share our expertise and passion with others.

What is open source hardware?

Open (source) hardware means releasing publicly the source of how hardware is designed so that anyone can study, improve and distribute the technology. By doing so, everyone: engineers, developers, end-users and other stakeholders, are free to improve and decide how the projects evolve on the basis of innovative ideas, excellent work and, intensive peer review for and quality assurance.

What do Eindhoven Open Hardware members do?

  • Design and develop open hardware projects together, through sharing our ideas in meetups and our Telegram group.
  • Organise training and events to raise awareness around open hardware
  • (coming soon!) Mentor and supervisor open hardware bachelor & master theses projects and internships
  • (Coming soon!) Manage a makers space

Visit the Eindhoven Open Hardware website to find out more, and join our community!

Open Hardware community members

Citizen Science

Citizen Science Community at TU Eindhoven is a bottom-up initiative that brings together researchers, educators and university staff passionate about Citizen Science as a methodology for research. We believe that Citizen Science is a catalyst for closing the gap between traditional scientific community and the people who benefit from the results of the research. Yet while the methodology has existed for a while, there is no manual on how to apply it and no one-size-fits-all approach. We are trying to close this gap by sharing experiences, ideas and best practices, as well as supporting each other in various project initiatives.

What is Citizen Science

Citizen science actively involves the public in scientific research that generates new knowledge or understanding, and thus has the potential to bring together science, policy makers, and society as a whole in an impactful way.

Citizen science is a relatively new concept within science, but is getting more and more popular as part of research projects. It has multiple benefits:

  • It is an efficient way to collect and process data. A group of citizen scientists that each do a little work, can collect a lot more data in a much smaller timeframe than any researcher or research-group can gather in the same timeframe.
  • Citizen scientist can collect from places that can be hard to reach for researchers, like backyards or schoolyards.
  • Citizen science is a great opportunity to test new technologies or innovations on a larger scale.
  • Citizen science helps find the research angle that focuses on the immediate needs of the community that it involves, allowing for research results to be easily used for bringing about change.

Find out more on our Citizen Science website

What do Citizen Science Community members do?

  • Discuss relevant challenges, solutions and opportunities in citizen science projects in regular lunch meetings
  • Organize training, MOOCs and events to raise awareness about Citizen Science
  • Advocate for improved services and infrastructure at TU Eindhoven to make utilizing Citizen science methodology easier and more efficient

Visit our website to find out more about Citizen Science principles and tools, and join the community